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EB Hu – Josie’s LalaLand


Utterly breathtaking animation by EB Hu. Serene and majestic, with a bit of a heartbreak at the end.

Josie’s LalaLand by EB Hu –> [via NotCot]

Tauba Auerbach


Really amazing typography and illustrations by Tauba Auerbach. Kind of reminds me of Marian Bantjes.

Tauba Auerbach –> [via NotCot]

Kim Keever


Kim Keever builds panoramas in aquariums, fills them with water, takes gorgeous photos and then ages them. Fantastic images, although the site is low on information.

Kim Keever –> [via NotCot]

Alberto Cerriteño


An incredibly talented illustrator and artist, Alberto Cerriteño is also an amazing designer, doing posters, websites and logos for a plethora of companies. Prepare to get lost in his work!

Alberto Cerriteño –> [via Chuck Green]

Booklet Business Cards


Now this is nifty! Business cards that are in perforated booklets for you to carry around and tear off.

Shinebox Print –>



Illustration and Lettering by Sarah J Coleman. Fabulous front page, although the navigation gets a bit wonky deeper in.

Inkymole –>